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Started: 2013-06-12 22:33:50
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Bruce Weertman
2013-06-12 22:33:50
Hello WS users,

The DMC is happy to announce the release of a new web-service: ws-rotation.

The ws-rotation webservice returns orthogonal triplets of waveform data that have been
rotated into user specified orientations. Three output component systems are supported:

ZNE: Geographically aligned (to rotate raw data into true North and East components)
Z vertical
N north
E east

ZRT: Vertical, radial, transverse aligned
Z vertical
R horizontal and aligned with a user supplied horizontal direction
T horizontal and perpendicular to R

LQT: Ray coordinate system aligned
L aligned with a user supplied horizontal and vertical direction
Q perpendicular to L and in the same vertical plane as L
T perpendicular to L and Q and in the horizontal plane

The triplets of data are returned in 'zip' file bundles in either SAC-binaray, SAC-ascii, miniSEED, or simple ASCII formats.
The zip file bundles also include a properties file listing the three source channels that have been transformed, the
source channel orientations in dip and azimuth, and the orientations of the returned output channel files also in dip and azimuth.

The webservice can optionally correct the data using stage-zero scaling factors or by using full response deconvolution.
The corrections are applied to the source channel data prior to rotation.

The rotated triplets may also be optionally returned as time series plots. For plot output, zip file bundles are not used.

Although hidden from the user, the ws-rotation webservice utilizes the
the station ( and timeseries ( web services.

As with our other webservices, the ws-rotation webservice includes detailed usage and help pages as well as a
"URL Builder" to aid in the understanding of its operation. The help page includes detailed information
as to how the rotation operations are performed.

url builder:

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

IRIS DMC web services team

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