Thread: New release of the DMC's fdsnws-station service (1.0.6)

Started: 2013-08-23 20:35:07
Last activity: 2013-08-23 20:35:07
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Yazan Suleiman
2013-08-23 20:35:07
Hello WS users,

The DMC has updated the fdsn-station service to version 1.0.6. Changes include:

* Polynomial responses are now properly included in the <InstrumentSensitivity> element.

* Time window selection is now properly applied to time ranges for which station belong to a virtual network.

* Fix duplication of station entries when overlapping virtual networks are requested, this fix includes the removal of virtual network codes being reported in the "alternateCode" attribute.

This release should be backwards compatible with all request tools.

IRIS DMC web services team

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