Thread: Java and MATLAB users might not have data access in the near future

Started: 2014-01-10 18:32:30
Last activity: 2014-01-10 18:32:30
Topics: Web Services

Hello Java and MATLAB users,

If you are using our IRIS-WS Java library (all irisFetch.m users are using this library) please make sure you are using version 2.0.4 available here:

In the near future, the IRIS DMC will be updating its FDSN web services to the 1.1 specification. Unfortunately this will cause all versions of IRIS-WS prior to 2.0.4 to fail due to a built-in version check. We have modified the check to avoid this kind of breakage in the future.

For reference, the version check can fail with either of these messages:

edu.iris.dmc.service.ServiceNotSupportedException: Version is not supported.

The IRIS-WS java library version doesn't support the requested station service version

Thank you for updating.

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