Thread: New frequency spacing option in irisws-evalresp (version 1.0.14)

Started: 2014-09-29 22:22:01
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Hello web service users,

The DMC is pleased to announce the release of a version 1.0.14 of irisws-evalresp

New to this version is the addition of a frequency spacing option. The spacing option allows the caller to toggle between
linear and logarithmic spacing of the output frequency values:


This is primarily useful when used with the ASCII output options output=fap (frequency, amplitude,phase) and
output=cs (frequency, real, imaginary) although it can also be used with the output=plot option.

Currently, output plot horizontal axes remain logarithmic in frequency regardless of the choice of the spacing option.
With spacing=linear, the interpolation points are distributed linearly in frequency and tend to crowd to the right hand
(high frequency) side of the plots. Future irisws-evalresp versions may toggle the frequency axis to linear when the
sample spacing is linear.

The default value for frequency spacing is logarithmic.

Please see the online documentation for further details.

We welcome feedback, questions, etc.

The Web Services Team

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