Thread: fdsnws-station service updated to version 1.1.5

Started: 2014-10-23 22:16:55
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Robert Weekly
2014-10-23 22:16:55
Hello WS users,

The DMC has updated the fdsnws-station service to version 1.1.5

Changes include:

New feature: the service now supports an exclusion operator that removes an element from a selected set of networks, stations, channels, or locations. Exclusions are specified using a minus '-' in front of the element you would like to exclude. Please visit the help page for full details and examples:

- In addition, the service now has additional filters to validate input values like network, station, channel and location codes. When invalid values are provided, a 400 error will be delivered to the user.

- Fixed a bug where the “endDate” of a network epoch was incorrectly set. At the DMC the current metadata only includes an end year for networks, the full date is implicitly known to be the end of the end year; previously the service returned the end year as the 12th of December, this has now been fixed to the 31st of December.

The following describes changes to the StationXML content in this release:

- The instrument response now includes separate indexing for poles and zeros, instead of indexing them as a single set. This now matches the indexing of SEED RESP and other SEED derivatives.

- The StationXML output now includes uncertainties for poles/zeros and digital filter coefficients in the instrument response. These values are almost never populated in real world use but are included for completeness and conformity to the SEED standard.

This release is backwards compatible with all request tools.

IRIS DMC web services team
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