Thread: New version of fdsnws-station (1.1.10) released with important user-level changes

Started: 2015-02-05 21:39:58
Last activity: 2015-02-05 21:39:58
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Hello WS users,

We have updated our fdsnws-station service to version 1.1.10

This release includes one major change for users: empty "location"
identifiers in the results (both XML and text) are represented as an
empty string. Previously, metadata from the DMC's fdsnws-station
service represented empty location identifiers as a string of two
spaces. More details are included in the previous announcement:

In addition to fixing a number of small bugs this release also uses a
new backend database system. There should be no meaningful content
changes due to the database switch. In some cases equal numerical
values may be formatted differently, for example "-.00109707" changing
to "-0.00109707", but most folks use a parser and will not see these

A full list of changes is below. This release includes a number of
changes, which we have tested, but sometimes we miss things. Please let
us know as soon as possible if you notice anything wrong.

All changes in this release:

* Empty location identifiers are now represented as an empty string
instead of a string of two spaces in the XML and text format. This
change is required for compliance with the FDSN StationXML specification.

* Number formatting for equal values may be different, e.g. "0.0"
changing to "0.00000" or "-.00109707" changing to "-0.00109707".

* Virtual network associations reported via the "alternateNetworkCodes"
of a Station element now correctly include more virtual networks in edge

* Data availability information is now more up to date, refreshed every
10 minutes. Data availability information for near real-time data
flowing into the DMC remains limited to day granularity.

* Change in header line in text output for channel-level information:
the column previously labeled as "Instrument" is now
"SensorDescription". Warning: we will very likely be adding more header
lines in the future (prefixed with the comment indicator '#'), anyone
parsing this text should keep this in mind.

* The limit of the number of channels that may be retrieved at the
response level has been increased to 120,000 (from 20,000).

* Error estimates for all digital filter values in response data are
included when they exist.

* Fix a bug returning internal service errors (HTTP 500) when no
denominators of a digital filter are present.


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