Thread: IRIS Federator with new irisws-fedcatalog service and a new FetchData release

Started: 2015-05-11 23:45:34
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Hello web service users,

The DMC is pleased to announce the release of the IRIS Federator. This system allows for the discovery of time series channels across FDSN data centers and provides the necessary information for accessing the data. Using the Federator, data access software can seamlessly perform discovery and access from multiple centers.

The public face of the IRIS Federator is the irisws-fedcatalog service, which queries a catalog of (meta)data channel holdings compiled from multiple data centers:

The irisws-fedcatalog service is designed to support client-side federated data access across multiple FDSN datacenters. Read more about this here:

Following FDSN web service patterns, this service provides users with a powerful data discovery tool that is designed for easy incorporation into data access software and scripts.

A full description of the service parameters and usage examples can be found at the link above. In addition, a URL Builder ( is available to help construct requests for the service.

A new version of FetchData (2015.014):

The DMC's FetchData script has been updated with support for using the Federator system. Simply by adding the -F option to the command line the script will fetch data from any center with holdings matching the criteria.

New version may be downloaded from here:

We welcome feedback and questions.

Web services team

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