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Started: 2006-09-04 17:14:01
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Kevin Mayeda
2006-09-04 17:14:01

I've scripted with SAC macros for over 14 years and
need some advice on how to make the full transition to
the Intel MacBook Pro.

I've got the latest version of SAC to work on my Mac,
but I use a fair amount of IO with Fortran codes (I
use WSAC, RSAC, WBBF, WBBV etc). I compiled sacio.a
on my machine using the Mac's C-compiler and WSAC and
RSAC work just fine (80% of my battle). However, the
subroutines related to the blackboad variables and
blackboard variable files do not work (but no error is
given). Peter Goldstein thinks it must be something
fairly trivial, but unfortunately, I'm not versed in C
and need some help/suggestions.

One possibility that he brought up, was building
sacio.a using the old fortran codes. What do you
think of this? I only have the C-codes (from IRIS),
but I think I'm very close to shedding my dependence
on SUN Unix that I'm hopeful there is a solution
around the corner.

thanks in advance...

- Kevin Mayeda

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