Thread: earth quake pre forcast/a s roy/west bengal/india

Started: 2015-09-01 05:43:55
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Rajesh Mahanty
2015-09-01 05:43:55
hell sir,
i am arjun singha roy stand at an age of 74yrs from village name chaitanyapur of west Bengal belong to country. i have already forecast several of major and the minor earth quakes which had been occurring in the coastal region of NEPAL and India. where as from my opinion a minor earthquake of range will takes places in NEPAL within 6 days from day effected from today(01/09/2015). sir please take my opinion seriously as possible, i have already pre forecast about the major earth quake which had happened in NEPAL a 15 days 20 days in advance through my EARTH QUAKE NATURALIST, the main objective for my recherche analysis are water, plants, optical light..

a s roy
13:11:49 v.01697673