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Geo .
2006-09-21 05:02:56
Yes, sac files can be read by matlab through saclab. go here


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Message: 1
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 08:49:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: feigelso<at>
Subject: [SAC-HELP] response spectra
To: sac-help<at>
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Can SAC make response spectra? If not, how can sac files be converted for
MATLAB to read?
Thanks for the help,


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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 11:01:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Talal Merghelani <talalmg1<at>>
Subject: Re: [SAC-HELP] macros
To: SAC HELP <sac-help<at>>
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thank you for Sonoke and Megan for your vailuble reply. actaully, i have
succeeded running the macros and make it exceutable. but, after execution
the macros i have got the following error message:

talal@clover:[7]%% mystuff2
mystuff2: READ: not found
mystuff2: MUL: not found
mystuff2: FFT: not found
mystuff2: BG: not found
mystuff2: PSP: not found

and even when just to try follow the manual. the command macro...not
working for me ..!! i'm wondering may that because, i'm using an old version
0.58 of SAC2000.
actaully, its not hat imopratnt unless the macros it self could work fine
without the word macro...!!

talal@clover:[8]%% macro mystuff2
macro: Command not found

by the way, i have put the macros on different directory for example,
than, which we can called it default path for macros as megan say's
/home/sac/aux/macros ..

is this seems the problems or what's going on exaclty..?
why this error message happen to me...!!??

any idea?

thank you

Arthur Snoke <snoke<at>> wrote:
I confess I have not thought very much about macros, because a technique
I have used for several generations of sac seems to work.

I have made up an "init.m" file that runs when I start sac. I do this by
creating an alias for sac:

equake{snoke}451: alias sac
/usr/local/bin/sac /usr/local/macros/Randy/macros/init.m
equake{snoke}452: cat /usr/local/macros/Randy/macros/init.m
* SAC macro to intitialize environment each time SAC2000 is started.
*echo on
setmacro /usr/local/macros/Randy/macros
window 1 x 0.00 1.00 y 0.30 0.92
*lh columns 2
sc echo "To get header values in two columns, use lh columns 2"
qdp 10000
xdiv power off
xlabel 'SECONDS'
ylabel off
*echo off

I suggest trying to upgrade from sac2000 to the newer versions if you can
get them either through IRIS or asking LLNL for the binary version.

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