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Started: 2016-04-11 19:55:17
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Mick Van Fossen
2016-04-11 19:55:17
Hello web service users,

The IRIS DMC is pleased to announce the release of a new web service: irisws-timeseriesplot. This service provides customizable graphs of any time series data managed by the DMC.

The new service greatly expands on the plotting capabilities of our timeseries service by offering more user-friendly customization options for viewing the desired time series. For instance, irisws-timeseriesplot can produce plots that span multiple lines, similar to a traditional “helicorder” style. It also offers a variety of flexible plotting options for changing colors, scaling amplitudes, graph size, and the ability to plot in raw instrument output or Earth units. Here’s an example:

irisws-timeseriesplot also has a “daily plot" capability allowing users to plot continuously using a static service URL. For instance, the current day's record for a certain station and channel can be plotted using the currentutcday key word for the start parameter, like so:


In this way, users can add permanent URLs to their web sites and scripts to achieve continuous monitoring of time series data for the current day.

We encourage you to take the irisws-timeseriesplot web service for a spin and explore its many capabilities in displaying time series data. A URL Builder is also available to help you get started!

IRIS DMC Services team

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