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Started: 2006-11-08 01:15:51
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Jim Lawson
2006-11-08 01:15:51
I have a seismogram on which I have
about used up the allowable number
(50?) of plabels. I have not been
able to format a plabel with one or
more pieces of text and one or more

One such attempt was:

plabel 48 "mediumfreq "$powerm" " " "$mulm"

I have tried many combinations of
" and ' including quoting the entire
expression and/or the pieces inside.
I have not had luck assembling a
string within sac and putting it in
a plabel.

Can anyone kindly advise me how to
have a single plabel with multiple
tokens (each token being a text or
a single variable)?


Jim Lawson
Oklahoma Geological Survey

10:46:35 v.01697673