Thread: Re: Executing Other Programs From SAC Macros (with RUN ... ENDRUN)

Started: 2006-11-08 17:34:19
Last activity: 2006-11-08 17:34:19
Topics: SAC Help
On 11/8/06, Fiona Darbyshire <f.darbyshire<at>> wrote:

I'm not sure whether "run sh" would work,but one can certainly run
executables and shell scripts from within a SAC macro. I think what you're
missing is the dollar sign in front of the commands.

Thanks, it works fine with the dollar signs. Maybe they should be added in
the manual.

On 11/8/06, Josh Calkins <jcalkins<at>> wrote:

In the end, I used a shell script that created a macro
on the fly so I could change the shell commands based on bb variables
that I would periodically write out to a text file.

That sounds familiar, but my approach doing that with the following syntax
for arg in "$@"; do
echo "$arg" > $SACTMPFILE

does not work as I would like it. Did you use something similar?


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