Thread: 2016 IRIS Workshop: Hotel Deadline is TOMORROW and Registration Deadline is May 27

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Hotel registration at the conference rate ends TOMORROW, Wednesday, May 18th. There is still time to register for the meeting by May 27, but May 18 is the LAST day for hotel registration at the conference rate! If you are planning to attend the IRIS Workshop, please make your hotel reservations asap. A reminder that all participants—including supported participants—must make their own hotel and flight reservations upfront and then submit for reimbursement later. The only exception to this rule is for students who have received a scholarship. IRIS will be booking and assigning shared rooms for those students.

Please note that for some of the nights (especially Tuesday, June 7), we have already exceeded the number of reserved rooms under the discounted rate. In this case, please book your stay on the hotel website (including the 7th at the higher rate), and then be in contact with Krystin Poitra (krystin<at> <krystin.poitra<at>>) who will make sure that you receive the IRIS conference room rate for your stay.

To reserve a room, please visit and click on the ‘Travel’ tab.

Important Dates:
Hotel Deadline: May 18
Registration Deadline: May 27

In addition, we’ve updated the workshop website ( to include the submitted abstracts under the ‘Session’ tab. A reminder that posters are 4’ high x 8’ wide. We’ve also added a list of currently registered participants under the ‘Attendees’ tab.

Have any questions? Email Justin Sweet (justin.sweet<at> <justin.sweet<at>>) and/or Danielle Sumy (danielle.sumy<at> <danielle.sumy<at>>)

See you there!
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