Thread: IRIS DMC Realtime Data Maintenance, Weds Dec 4, 10am-11am PST

Started: 2013-12-02 18:26:17
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Hello Realtime Data Users:

This coming Weds, Dec 4, 2013, the IRIS DMC will be performing required scheduled maintenance that will
affect real-time data both into and out of the IRIS DMC.
For the period of approximately 1 hour starting at 10am PST, we will be offline. We expect it to take
less time for a pleasant surprise, but to be safe, prepare for a one hour outage.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience, an email will be sent to this alias when
we're again operational.
Have a good week-

Rick Benson
Director of Data Management
(206)547-0393 ext. 119(office)

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