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Eva-Maria Rumpfhuber
2006-12-04 00:16:27
Hey Januka,

I usually use a csh-script to sort data, and use sac just to extract the
header information. You can try something like this, the following script
will extract you the header information and store it in a file I called

Let me know, if it doesn't work.
Good luck, eva

# This is a script to extract header information from a
# sac file.

# Selects all seismograms sorted by events
# (you need to change print $2 to what works for you)
set event = ` ls *.sac | nawk -F. '{print $2}' | sort | uniq `

@ i = 1
@ end = $#event + 1
echo Number of events: $#event

# Loop over the events
while ( $i < $end )
echo Processing event: $event[$i]

set file_r = *"."$event[$i]".sac"
echo Input file: $file_r

# start sac and read+write header values
sac <<eof
r $file_r
setbb evid $event[$i]
setbb lat &1,evla
setbb lon &1,evlo
setbb dp &1,evdp
setbb gcdeg &1,gcarc
setbb gckm &1,dist
setbb baz1 &1,baz
setbb rayp &1,user0
getbb TO temp.file names off newline off evid baz1 rayp

cat temp.file >>rayp.list
\rm -f temp.file

@ i = $i + 1

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I am interested in seperating a bunch of seismograms according to
GCARC values, for example, bunch up all the seismograms that are between
100 & 120 together ... so on and so forth. Is it possible to do this in
any clues?

Thank you.

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