Thread: summing 2 components in SAC...!!

Started: 2006-12-15 13:57:40
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2006-12-15 13:57:40

first, i would like to deeply thanks all people helped me in the past and give their experince and notes about my questions.

here, i would like to perform a vector summ of the 2 component EW and NS after FFT.
for a set of files (say 90).

in this form of formula: sqrt((EW)**2+(NS)**2)

how do i do this operation in sac using a macro..?

for your note, the EW & NS component in the equation is a file name which is contain the spectral data for each components.

how do i use the file name inside this forms using a macros for example to preform it for a set of files..?

any idea..?

i appreciate it..


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