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John Lahr
2007-09-10 15:19:32

A friend at the USGS let me know about an E-mail
notification list that may be of interest. The
USGS sends a notice whenever a new product that
would be of interest to a wide general audience,
including teachers, is available from the Central
Publications Group in Denver. This only consists
of one notice a month or every other month --
they will not to send a flood of E-mail.

Subscription information is included below, along
with a message about a USGS Earth Science Week packet.


Want to hear about our latest products?

USGS sends out e-mail notifications when we add
new items to our on-line catalog at
This service makes it easy to stay up to date with our newest products.

To subscribe for this service, please send your
blank email to
<productnews<at>>productnews<at> and type “Subscribe”
in the subject line. Likewise, if at any time
you would like to be removed from our notification
list, type “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Earth Science Week 2007, October 14 - 20, 2007-Free Packet for educators

>Earth Science Week 2007, October 14 – 20, 2007
>The 2007 Earth Science Week Toolkit is now
>available at The US Geological Survey Map Sales
>offices at The Denver Federal Center, Building
>810, 6th Ave. and Kipling in Lakewood.
>The 2007 theme is “The Pulse of Earth
>Science.” This is a great resource for you
>Earth science studies throughout the year. The toolkit includes:
>- A 12-month school-year activity calendar, suitable for hanging
>- A new Earth Science Week poster, including an activity on the back
>- A NASA “Exploring Ice” CD-ROM
>- A NASA “Earth and Space Explorers Series” poster
>- An ESRI “GIS Solutions for Education” CD
>- A “Volcanoes of the National Parks”
poster from the National Park Service
>- A NOAA “Student Opportunities and Careers” flyer
>- USGS Fact on Disk CD, featuring a
searchable database of geoscience fact sheets
>- USGS Education Resources Brochure
>- And much, much more!
>Your FREE copy is available by picking it up at
>our offices or you can have it mailed to you by
>paying a $5.00 handling fee. Contact Gene Jackson for more information.
>Gene Jackson
>Program & Information Specialist, US Geological Survey
>Box 25286, Mail Stop 306, Denver, CO 80225
><gajackson<at>>gajackson<at> Tel 303-202-4621

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