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John Lahr
2007-09-10 17:31:27
Hi Craig,

In the AmaSeis directory there should be some files with names ending in .JB.
For example, P.JB, S.JB, etc. These files contain the corresponding
travel time information that AmaSeis plots out.

If these files are missing, I would recommend reinstalling AmaSeis to
the directory where it's currently located. Download and

Then you will be certain to have all of the necessary files.


At 08:37 AM 9/10/2007, you wrote:
Hi All,
We got a great record of the 6.8 off Columbia today here in Montana.
I can't get the travel-time curves for P and S to display on that
screen, only surface wave curves. I've changed depth and selection
with no luck. I haven't used this version of Amaseis much, so I must
be missing something. Thanks in advance.

Craig Messerman
Sentinel High School, Missoula, Montana
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