Thread: Filtering - November 14, 2007 M7.7 N. Chile Earthquake

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Just after the November 14, 2007 M7.7 N. Chile Earthquake I noticed an
unusual high-frequency arrival overlapping the long period surface waves
on the seismogram for this event that was recorded on the WLIN AS-1
station. I high-pass filtered the seismogram and assumed that the
resulting arrival was from an aftershock about 29 minutes after the main
shock. I checked with the USGS earthquake list for the next few days
and didn't find an aftershock at the appropriate time so I looked for
another explanation for the high frequency arrival. I gathered some
additional data and eventually figured out the clues to the explanation
for the mystery arrival - it's quite surprising.

All this led me to write up some information on filtering seismograms.
The discussion of examples is located at:
An MS Word version and a pdf version (easier printing) is also
available. At the end of the write-up, there are several suggested
activities for further exploration.

The filtering write-up is also linked from the list of additional AS-1
activities and resources at:

Have fun trying out the seismogram filtering activities (all you need is
AmaSeis installed on your computer)! If you have a seismogram of this
earthquake from your station, also try filtering it to find the mystery
arrival (and some aftershocks).

Happy New Year!

-Larry Braile

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