Thread: Upcoming Changes in AS-1 Data Management

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John Lahr
2008-06-18 17:13:52
IRIS Educators,

Below is a message from Tammy, Anne and Michelle at SpiNet.


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Subject: Upcoming Changes in AS-1 Data Management

Greetings AS-1 users,

After many years of offering teachers a place to register their
instrument and share their data, SpiNet will be handing those
responsibilities over to IRIS. All the existing features for data
upload and download on SpiNet will be available and maybe a few
more. The transfer should be completed by the end of July, just in
time for the new school year. We are working to make this as smooth
a transition as possible.

You are probably wondering how will this affect you. Once IRIS has
duplicated the tools for managing AS-1 station information, and
uploads and downloads of SAC data, SpiNet will install a webpage
that will automatically redirect you to the IRIS site when you visit
those features on SpiNet. When that happens, you will simply need to
update your bookmarks in your browser. It is as simple as that. Note
that SpiNet will continue to provide all the other information
currently on our site, such as the existing information about
AS-1's, our curriculum materials, etc.

We will send another email with pertinent URLs for you when the
transition is complete. SpiNet and IRIS staff are committed to
making this a smooth transition, and help will be available, if you
encounter any problems.

We want to thank all the teachers who have shared their AS-1 data
with the community over the years. We appreciate your efforts and
hope you will continue to share it in the future on the new IRIS
site. If you have forgotten how to share data or would like some
help getting started, let us know and we will be happy to walk you through it.

We hope you have a wonderful summer break.

Tammy, Anne and Michelle

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