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Started: 2008-06-20 04:37:44
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Paul Perry
2008-06-20 04:37:44
I have had great success with it when I have been able to use it. Our school has 1 Powerbook that is kept in the library and I have SeisMac loaded on it. The librarians were amazed at it. Ask to load it on the computer and show her what you can do with it, I think that will convince her how cool it is and how useful it can be. Since I have limited access to the computer, when I use it I tend to do more of a demonstration with it (and the librarians made me promise to not let my students wave their Powerbook through the air). Even with that, the students think it's cool. It gives a good representation of the 3 directions of movement.

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Katie Stofer <kstofer<at>> 06/19/08 1:42 PM >>>
Hi - I'm trying to convince a colleague to loan her Powerbook for a SeisMac
demo (mine's circa 2003). She's curious to hear any feedback users have -
has it been a big success, have you had any problems, etc.?


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