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Started: 2009-01-13 01:48:10
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Michael Hubenthal
2009-01-13 01:48:10
Dear IRIS Seismographs-in-Schools teachers,

On January 19th, IRIS is transitioning to an enhanced Seismographs in
Schools website. The new site has a slightly different look, but all
of the existing tools and resources. Additionally, we have added new
content and tools to better serve you the user.

For example, we have developed a tool to help you locate and connect
with other schools nearby you that are also operating a seismometer.
We have also replaced the email listserv with a forum. Like the
listserv, this forum will serve as a place for you to receive the
technical assistance necessary to keep your station up and running.
However, we also envision the forum as a place for you to share your
ideas and resources for using the instrument and data in the

You are probably wondering how will this affect you. All of the
database data and files will be preserved, we simply want everyone to
check in by updating your station information and posting a quick
hello in our forum.

We will send out more details next week when we transition. If there
is anything we can do to help you use the AS-1 in your classroom,
please let us know!

Michael Hubenthal
Science Education Specialist
IRIS Consortium

  • Leila Cohen
    2009-01-13 17:16:37

    To whom it may concern;

    Hi, My name is Leila Cohen from Midwood High School, Brooklyn, NY. Over the summer our school went through major rennovations and our analog converter box and wires were separated from our seismograph. Can you please let me know where I can order a replacement so that we can put the seismograph back to use.

    Thank you very much,
    Leila Cohen
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