Thread: New SIS Website Launch!

Started: 2009-01-20 16:05:57
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Michael Hubenthal
2009-01-20 16:05:57

IRIS is now using a new site for the Seismographs in Schools program.

Please check it out! Our goal is to provide the networking and
resources you may need to more effectively use your seismometer in the

When you are on the site please complete two items:

1) We need everyone to complete an annual two question station
'check-up' designed to help us update our records and enable us to
provide any 'off-line' stations with timely assistance to get them up
and running again.

2) We need everyone to login into the site to activate their account
and post a quick hello in our forum to encourage conversation and help
you make new connections.

We are excited about the new site, and look forward to hearing any
suggestions you may have to make the new site even more useful to you.

Michael Hubenthal
Science Education Specialist
IRIS Consortium

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