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Larry Braile
2010-05-30 18:32:38
Here is some information that I hope you will find useful:

1. I just completed a new educational resource on the Feb. 27, 2010
Chile earthquake
( Discussion
includes historical earthquakes, a seismic gap before the Feb. 27 event,
the 2010 EQ sequence including aftershocks, frequency-magnitude,
earthquake damage including the unusual and interesting collapse of the
Alto Rio building in Concepcion. As part of the materials, there are
instructions and down-loadable file for use with the Seismic/Eruption

2. I have updated (more complete, concise and organized) the list of
geoscience education materials
( on my web site.

3. I came across and web page ( with excellent
volcano and volcano eruption photographs and videos clips that you can
download. The site was mentioned in a recent USA Today article on
photographing volcanic eruptions. Some of the video clips are really
great including several on the recent Iceland volcano eruptions.

Hope these are useful to you!



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