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Started: 2007-03-26 23:07:00
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Arthur Snoke
2007-03-26 23:07:00
I pass this on from a colleague. He wants to know where in the code the
size of the graphics cursor gets set.

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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:24:12 -0400
From: Alan Linde <alinde<at>>

I need a little help with graphic cursors on the Mac and clearly you
know all. When one brings up a sac graphic window, the crosshairs are full
scale in both x & y directions - which is what I'm trying to get in another
graphics package (SM - used to known as mongo; the package the astronomers use
a lot). SM displays only a short length crosshair (both directions).

The only bit of code that i can find in the package is in a cursor.h
file (attached). Do you know (or can you find out/point me in the right
direction) how to modify to get the full window crosshairs? Is this the code
that needs to be modified to get the full crosshairs. My query to the
distributors went unanswered!

cheers ... alan

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