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*~ Announcement ~*
***Applications for the Student/Early Career Scientist DeSSC Program*
*now being accepted – Deadline: October 15, 2012*
*(Financial support for travel is available.)*
Opportunity: *Participate in a workshop tailored to engage
students/early career scientists in deep sea research. The workshop is
scheduled for Saturday December 1 and 2 in San Fransisco, CA, before the
AGU annual meeting. Applications for travel and lodging support are
being accepted through October 15, 2012.
Background: *The National Deep Submergence Facility (or NDSF) manages
and operates the U.S. submersible /Alvin/, the remotely operated vehicle
/Jason/Medea/, and the autonomous underwater vehicle /Sentry/. These
deep submergence vehicles are renowned for facilitating and advancing
deep-sea research, e.g. the discovery of hydrothermal vents, studying
the /Deepwater Horizon/ oil spill, etc.

The Deep Submergence Science Committee (DeSSC) is a standing committee
of scientists who provide support and advice to the NDSF. The DeSSC
fall meeting is an open forum for marine scientists to learn about
scientific discoveries and technical advances, as well as to express
their opinions about NDSF activities.

DeSSC is committed to increasing the involvement of students and
postdoctoral/early career scientists. To that end, a new program was
introduced last year to: 1) expose students and early career scientists
to DeSSC and the NDSF, 2) engage these participants in DeSSC advisory
activities, 3) offer participants training and mentoring in the process
of developing financial support for use of NDSF vehicles, and 4) enable
participants to network with scientists actively involved in
NDSF-supported research. These goals will be achieved through a
pre-meeting workshop in which scientists provide instruction on
grant-writing, expedition planning and vehicle usage, and by directly
involving participants in the DeSSC fall meeting.

The pre-DESSC meeting workshop will be held on Saturday, December 1st
from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm followed by an evening workshop dinner (6:30 pm
to 9:00 pm) featuring a guest speaker(s). The DeSSC fall meeting will
occur on Sunday, December 2nd (the day before the start of the 2011 AGU
Fall meeting) in San Francisco, CA.

Students and early career scientists can apply for financial support to
offset the cost of travel and lodging for the DeSSC meeting.
Participants must attend the entire workshop, evening dinner, and DeSSC


Application: *Please provide a one-page statement of interest, which
includes the following:

* Your name, affiliation, position, email address, and telephone number
* A description of your research interests
* A discussion of why you would like to participate in this workshop
* Your level of education/work experience (e.g., graduate student,
postdoctoral fellow, or early career)
* Experience you have had with NDSF vehicles or NDSF-supported
research (if any).
* Do you plan to attend the 2012 Fall AGU meeting that begins on
December 3rd?
* Whether you require financial support to participate in this
program. As funds are limited, please be considerate and ask for
only the support you need, if any. Since many applicants may
already have plans to attend the Fall AGU meeting, the financial
support is intended to cover additional travel expenses that you
would incur in order to arrive early to attend the Saturday
workshop and DeSSC meeting.

Financial support is limited to:

o One (or possibly two) nights of lodging; however, if you do
not plan to attend the AGUfall meeting an additional night
of lodging will be considered.
o Support to offset the costs of transportation to the DeSSC
meeting. This includes the costs of airfare change-fees if
a ticket has already been purchased to attend AGU.
o Miscellaneous travel expenses such as parking.
o Meal expenses (Note: a casual dinner will be provided at no
cost to meeting participants on Sunday evening to coincide
with the seminars.)

Please indicate the amount of financial support requested along with a
brief description.

Any questions regarding this opportunity and the application process can
be directed to Annette DeSilva at (office<at>
<office<at>>) or by telephone at (401) 874-6827.

*Please send your statement of interest as an attachment to Annette
DeSilva at (office<at> <office<at>>).

Applications are due on October 15, 2012. Awards will be announced by
October 25th.

/Your help is requested in sharing this announcement with students and
early career scientists. Thank you.


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