Thread: MT Transportable Array Siting Workshop, May 12th, Raleigh NC

Started: 2013-03-21 00:07:22
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The USArray Electromagnetic Working Group is organizing a half day
workshop (12-5 pm, Sunday May 12) immediately prior to the EarthScope
National Meeting ( at the
downtown Raleigh Sheraton.

By the end of 2013, the USArray magnetotelluric (MT) Transportable Array
(TA) ( will have
covered ~25% of the continental US. Proposed funding for 2014-2018
should result in coverage of an additional 25% of the lower-48. The goal
of this workshop is to set priority areas within the continental US for
future deployments of the MT-TA. We seek participation from across the
spectrum of EarthScope science, including the MT, geology, seismology,
and geodynamics communities to discuss and define priority areas which
will further our understanding of the assembly and modification of the
crust and mantle beneath North America.

Limited travel support is available.

A workshop website will be established soon with an agenda, list of
participants, and formal registration system. For now, if you are
interested in attending the workshop, please contact Andy Frassetto
(andyf<at> Those inquiring about travel support should include
this in their note.

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