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Subject: [iris-bulk] Announcing a new ISTI Earthworm course!
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 09:50:32 -0400
From: Stefan Lisowski <s.lisowski<at>>
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Hi IRIS-list Folks,

ISTI finished teaching our EW course in Saratoga Springs NY (Course
XIII) and had a good turnout and enthusiastic bunch of students. It was
a great success and we have more material than we can pour into people's
heads in 5 days.

We would like to do a 3-day Advanced Earthworm Course the Wed/Thur/Fri
the week before AGU in San Francisco. (December 4-6) For this course we
would cover advanced topics such as 3-component location tuning
(pick_FP/binder_ew/hypoinverse) and new advanced features of EW7.7.

In particular we would like people to bring test data sets and their
existing configurations so we can tune them as examples. Everyone learns
to be a better tuner, and you leave with a better configuration than
when you came! In addition, attendees to this Advanced Earthworm Course
will be provided with a complimentary 1-server unlimited-client license
for our EZ Earthworm web monitoring and configuration interface.

We estimate that the course fee will be $1,495 not including travel/hotel.

So, how many of you out there would attend? Please tell us your interest
or intent to come if we were to host such a course. If we have enough
interest then we will run it.

Best regards,

Paul and Stefan
Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc.
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