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Cascadia Data Un-restricted

The Cascadia Initiative data (Network ID: 7D) has been corrected and is now un-restricted at the IRIS Data Management Center (DMC). The data was restricted on 2/28/14 to correct the horizontal channel convention for a subset of the data. The OBSIP Management Office apologizes for the delay in re-releasing the data, we wanted to make sure that all the corrected data was uploaded accurately and that no pieces of data were missing.

All researchers using the Cascadia data set should re-download the data. All horizontal channel data is now in the left‐handed coordinate system, with the data labeled “BH2”/”HH2”/“LH2” representing ground‐motion in a direction 90° clockwise from the ground‐motion tagged “BH1”/”HH1”/”LH1”.

The Cascadia Year 1 Horizontal Report has been corrected and re-published on the OBSIP website and the IRIS DMC metadata folder. The Cascadia Year 2 Horizontal Report has also been published on the OBSIP website and published in the IRIS DMC metadata folder. The reports can be downloaded at :

Please note that Appendix B: “Helicorders” in the report for both Year 1 and Year 2 will be uploaded at a later date.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Jessica Lodewyk (Jessica.lodewyk<at>

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