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Andrew Frassetto
2014-05-19 21:23:16
This should be a vital piece of documentation for young researchers.

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Brian Kennett
Australian National University

A component of research training that is rarely emphasised is preparation for developing and running independent research projects.
A new Open Access book by Brian Kennett, a prominent earth scientist, is designed to fill this gap. drawing on extensive experience in research, management and editorial matters, The short book describes how to establish projects, to manage them and develop communication, with illustrations from case studies. the work is addressed to research students and early career researchers, but has broader relevance.

“Planning and Managing Scientific Research : A guide for the beginning researcher” is published by ANU Press and is available for free download in PDF, EPub or Mobi formats from

Hard copies (A$24 +postage) are obtainable by print-on-demand through the same web address.

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