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*Apologies for cross/multiple postings. Note that for the pre-workshop symposium, you must register by Friday, May 23.

The IRIS Early Career Investigators (ECI) Working Group invites all those interested, particularly late-stage graduate students through postdoctoral scholars, to attend:

1) A symposium on Sunday, June 8 in Sunriver, Oregon, the morning before the start of the 2014 IRIS Consortium Workshop.

Titled “Jumping on the Employment Express – How to be Part of the Geosciences Employment Boom”, the symposium will be led by Dr. Christopher Keane (Director of Communications and Technology, American Geosciences Institute). He will lead exercises to show how attendees can identify their interests and skills within the realm of geoscience-related career opportunities, frame their expertise to a job search outside of academia, and develop a practical outlook regarding employment opportunities and location constraints. We will also have guest speaker Dr. Kelly Rose, from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Department of Energy, who will talk about her experience in both the private and government sectors.

The IRIS ECI community is uniquely positioned within the geosciences to have a wide range of employment opportunities, given its strong science and math skills that are highly sought after and in short supply. Please join us to discover how talented you are with your geoscience degree, and how to present your skill set in the best way possible to maximize your employment opportunities!

This free symposium is scheduled for 8:30-11:30 AM. Attendees should plan to arrive Saturday night. A complete agenda for the symposium will be updated here soon:

If you plan to attend, please register by contacting Danielle Sumy (danielle.sumy<at> and Andy Frassetto (andyf<at> via email.

2) IRIS Early Career Special Interest Group (SIG) on Tuesday, June 10 at 2:30 pm: This year's panel consists of members of the academic community at different career stages. Guest panelists include Ramon Arrowsmith, Sue Bilek, Derek Schutt, Ryan Porter, and Rob Porritt.

We hope to see you in Oregon!

The IRIS Early Career Investigators Working Group
Danielle Sumy, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Induced Seismicity Consortium
University of Southern California
Volunteer at U. S. Geological Survey
525 S. Wilson Ave.
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Phone: 626-583-7814
E-mail: danielle.sumy<at>

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