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Subject: [Earlycareer] Early Career workshop alumni - a request
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Dear Colleague,

As an alum of the /On the Cutting Edge/ Early Career Geoscience Faculty
workshop, your career has benefitted from the /Cutting Edge /workshops
and websites. /On the Cutting Edge/ is sponsored by the National
Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT). We ask for your help to
support future workshops for early career geoscience faculty and
geoscience education by joining NAGT.

* *NAGT membership makes you part of a vibrant teaching community*.
In addition to /Cutting Edge/ workshops, NAGT sponsors other
workshops such as those offered by CLEAN (Climate Literacy and
Energy Awareness Network), InTeGrate (Interdisciplinary Teaching
of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future), and SAGE 2YC (Supporting
and Advancing Geoscience Education in Two-year Colleges). In
addition, NAGT offers networking and support opportunities.

* *NAGT provides opportunities for continued professional
development.* NAGT sponsors online teaching resources from various
projects, all available as part of /Teach the Earth/ web portal/,
/provides education workshops at AGU and GSA, and works to put
together education focused sessions at GSA meetings. As an
organization, NAGT provides substantial input into the
establishment of science standards and the development of position
statements on teaching climate change and teaching evolution.

* *NAGT membership benefits you and your students*. NAGT publishes
the premiere journal for peer-reviewed geoscience education, /The
Journal of Geoscience Education/ (JGE). The current year of JGE is
available only to members. NAGT's magazine /In the Trenches/
shares tested instructional ideas and includes a column
specifically for early career geoscience faculty. Faculty who are
NAGT members also may nominate students for NAGT's Field Camp
Scholarship program and Outstanding TA awards.

* *Now is the time*. NSF support for /On the Cutting Edge/ is coming
to an end. NAGT is working to sustain the workshop program,
including the workshop for Early Career Geoscience Faculty, and to
keep the website thriving. We need your help. If you are already
an NAGT member, we thank you. If you are not currently a member,
please become and remain a member of NAGT. Your membership
provides a piece of the financial support needed to keep this
program operating.

Please join NAGT by following links from this web page:

Also, please consider a donation to the NAGT Professional Development
fund to strengthen the financial resources available for the program at


Rachel Beane, Bowdoin College

Heather Macdonald, College of William and Mary

Heather Macdonald

Department of Geology

College of William & Mary

PO Box 8795

Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795


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