Thread: correct instrument response of barometer data with US Array stations

Started: 2016-06-16 09:13:42
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I am not sure if this is the right forum to post it, but can anyone
please direct me to a tutorial, etc on how to correct the instrument
response for barometers (Setra 278 and Quanterra 330 MEMS barometer)
available with the US Array stations?

Attached figure shows example ~10 days raw data at station TA.T38A.
Channel LDO is Setra 278 data and LDM is MEMS barometer data.

While instrument gain (10.0) information for LDM channel (
) corrects it to around 10^5 Pa or 1 atm so this looks correct, but
LDO channel data is around ~10^6 counts and there is no information
for gain correction here (

There is a document here (
) that says there is ~80000 Pa offset between Setra and MEMS barometer
for low elevation stations, but even then I cannot reconcile the

Thanks for your help !!



Avinash Nayak,
PhD Candidate,
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory,
Department of Earth and Planetary Science,
University of California, Berkeley

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