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Danielle Sumy
2016-06-29 16:20:19
Dear Colleague,

Since the Sea Change Report was issued in January 2015 with the recommendation to redirect funding from infrastructure support to research programs; the MGG division of NSF has been assessing its relative contributions to infrastructure and research funding within the geophysical community. As part of this effort, UNOLS is undertaking a survey that has been designed to determine how widespread marine seismic data collection and usage is within the geophysical community and its affiliated fields. The results will be used to help to identify the instrumentation and methodology that are critical to answer the current questions in the field and also those that are necessary to meet the requirements of future science directions.

One outcome of the survey data results will be to assist in the determination on whether the UNOLS Marcus Langseth Science Oversight Committee, (MLSOC) could have its mandate broadened to become the Marine Seismic Oversight Committee (MSOC). This concept was presented by NSF at the UNOLS Council meeting held in May 2016. The proposed terms of reference for this new committee are to:

• Develop an ongoing mechanism for regional planning to inform NSF on research priorities based on U.S. community input

• Act to engage and coordinate international participation and to identify international resources that might be available to U.S. researchers

• Provide outreach tools and a feedback mechanism to the community

• Assist in identify emerging directions in marine seismic studies

• Engage and train the next generation of marine seismic researchers

The survey is available at:
The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Through your feedback important and well informed decisions can be made and your input is both greatly needed and appreciated. Responses are requested by: 1 July 2016

Please share this survey with your colleagues. We hope to gather data from oceanographic researchers who are experienced sea-going scientists as well as early-career investigators.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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