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2016-06-30 18:35:16
Forwarded on behalf of:
Risa Madoff
University of North Dakota

Dear colleagues,

The deadline for abstract submission to the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting is
August 3.

We bring your attention to the following Education Special Session
(ED034: 12619). Remember that Education sessions are special: you can
have a first-author contributed abstract to our session, and still be
first author on another abstract elsewhere.

Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB

Do you teach with MATLAB in a Geoscience course? Are you interested or
have you tried to advance your students’ programming and quantitative
skills? Have you tried or do you have ideas to integrate MATLAB
modeling, programming, and computation into your undergraduate
curriculum, graduate programs, and university-wide general education or
STEM curriculum? We would like to hear about your successes and
challenges, hopes and dreams!

Invited presenters:

Henk Keers, University of Bergen
Martin Trauth, University of Potsdam


Andrew Fischer, University of Tasmania
Risa Madoff, University of North Dakota
Frederik J. Simons, Princeton University

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