Thread: AGU session: Environmental & Earth monitoring with ambient seismic and acoustic wave fields

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Dear colleagues,
Please consider submitting an abstract to session S007 "Environmental & Earth monitoring with ambient seismic and acoustic wave fields" (co-organized by the Seismology and Ocean Sciences sections):

Abstracts are due 3rd of August 23:59 EDT.

Ambient seismic and acoustic signals are ubiquitous on Earth, from the solid Earth to the top of the atmosphere, across oceans and continents. These signals are used more and more to quantify solid Earth properties, or monitor our environment : coastal cliffs, rivers, landslides, ice shelves, faults, volcanos and atmospheric phenomena, but their sources are not fully understood. Recent theoretical advances and signal processing technique are beginning to find applications for the analysis of ocean wave climate, the understanding of ice shelf rupture processes, and upper atmosphere soundings using microbaroms. This session will be a unique opportunity to bring together oceanographers, seismologists and microbarom specialists to discuss sources, propagation thorough the atmosphere, the ocean and the solid Earth and importance for seismic tomography or other applications.

Invited speakers: Peter Bromirski (ambient or other signals from the top of an ice shelf)
Alexis Le Pichon (microbaroms)

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Fabrice Ardhuin (Ifremer)
Lucia Gualtieri (LDEO of Columbia University)

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