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Arjun Kohli
2016-07-11 16:30:13
Dear colleagues,

Please consider the following session on fluid-rock interactions and anthropogenic subsurface processes at this year's AGU Fall Meeting.

Title: Fluid-Rock Interactions Controlling Structure, Flow and Transport in the Subsurface

ID#: 13895 (H042)

Subsurface technologies such as hydrocarbon production, enhanced geothermal, energy storage, CO2 sequestration, and nuclear waste disposal require major advances in our ability to predict and control the movement of fluids and contaminants in the subsurface. This session will highlight advances in our understanding of how fluid interactions with the minerals and organic components of a formation alter porosity, permeability and fluid chemistry. 3D and 2D electron, x-ray and neutron characterization of pores, fractures and contaminant speciation are critical to understanding experimental systems and informing flow simulations that extend to the pore scale. The session also seeks contributions from experimental and numerical studies of biogeochemical processes or novel materials for permeability control across a range of spatial and temporal scales. By providing a broad platform for researchers considering a variety of applications, we aim to find the common ground that could lead to transformative advances in managing anthropogenic subsurface activities.

Jeffery P. Fitts, Princeton University (fitts<at>
Arjun H. Kohli, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (ahkohli<at>
Lawrence M. Anovitz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (anovitzlm<at>
John Bargar, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (bargar<at>

(MR) Mineral and Rock Physics
(V) Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology

Index Terms:
1055 Organic and biogenic geochemistry | GEOCHEMISTRY
1829 Groundwater hydrology | HYDROLOGY
1847 Modeling | HYDROLOGY
5114 Permeability and porosity | PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ROCKS

Thank you,
Arjun (on behalf of Jeff, John, and Lawrence)
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