Thread: AGU session: Salton Trough and Northern Gulf of California

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We would like to encourage submissions to this AGU special session:

T012: Insights on the tectonic evolution of the Salton Trough and northern Gulf of California from recent multidisciplinary studies

Oblique motion at the Pacific-North American plate boundary is rifting the continent in the Salton Trough in southern California and northern Mexico, and in the northern Gulf of California. Rapid sedimentation from the Colorado River has influenced the mechanisms of rifting, resulting in large differences from the southern Gulf, which has experienced similar total extension. Rift-related magmatism is localized at the surface but more extensive at depth. Substantial thinning and perhaps complete breakup of the continent have occurred, but seafloor spreading has apparently not initiated. Transform and extensional faults interact in complex patterns, with implications for earthquake hazard. Recent multi-disciplinary studies in both countries have focused on rifting processes and the earthquake hazard of this geologic province. This session invites contributions from all disciplines that address our understanding of the tectonic evolution and the magmatic and deformation processes of this complex and evolving plate boundary.
Conveners: John Hole, Patricia Persaud, Arturo Martin, Becky Dorsey
Please contact the conveners with any questions.

The abstract deadline is August 3.

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