Thread: AGU Fall Meeting session, S017 Macroscopic Earthquake Source Parameter Studies: from Basic to Application

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Takahiko Uchide
Geological Survey of Japan, AIST

Dear all,

I would like to draw your attention to our session of the coming AGU Fall Meeting entitled "Macroscopic Earthquake Source Parameter Studies: from Basic to Application."
We focus on earthquake source parameter studies, such as stress drops, radiated energy, moment rate functions (source time functions), moment tensor, magnitude, etc., and their implications to, for example, earthquake physics and strong-motion assessment.
Please check the session description below and consider submitting your abstract to this session.

Best Regards,
Taka Uchide

[Session Description]
S017: Macroscopic Earthquake Source Parameter Studies: from Basic to Application

Session ID#: 13507
Session Description:
Macroscopic earthquake source parameters (in a broad sense; e.g., stress drop, radiated energy, moment tensor, and magnitude) from seismic data reflect physics of fault rupture process and fault properties such as stress on the fault and fault strength. Consequently the source parameters are useful for investigating rupture process and fault properties, and hence assessing earthquake hazard. Modern seismic networks enable us to analyze large number of earthquakes and study their spatial and/or temporal trends. To further promote this research, we need both accurate estimations of source parameters and appropriate interpretation. This session aims to expand the capability of earthquake source parameter studies to give us better knowledge on, for example, earthquake rupture dynamics, fault properties, tectonics, and seismic hazard assessment. We welcome theoretical, numerical, observational, and experimental contributions to improve the estimation and interpretation of source parameters.

Invited Speakers:
Ralph Archuleta, UC Santa Barbara
Marine Denolle, Harvard University
Fabrice Cotton, GFZ Potsdam
Zachary Ross, Caltech

Primary Convener:
Takahiko Uchide, Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
Xiaowei Chen, The University of Oklahoma
German A Prieto, MIT

Cross-Listed: T - Tectonophysics

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