Thread: AGU Session NH014: Geophysical Methods in Urban Basins

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to call your attention to AGU session NH014, "New
Geophysical Methods for Understanding Geohazards in Urban Basins". The
session aims to bring together researchers using seismology to study
basin seismic response, geodetic measurements to study basin subsidence,
and other shallow geophysical imaging aimed at studying geomorphological
and hyrdogeological hazards. See for a
full description.
Conveners: *Phil Cummins*, Australian National University
*Marine Denolle*, Harvard University
*Co-Organized with:*
*Natural Hazards*,and Seismology


* G - Geodesy
* H - Hydrology
* NS - Near Surface Geophysics
* S - Seismology

Abstracts must be submitted by 3rd August via

We look forward to your contributions and to seeing you in San Francisco!


Phil and Marine

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