Thread: Fall AGU session: From Escape to Subduction: The Tectonics of Indochina

Started: 2016-07-20 15:03:24
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Dear Colleagues,

My co-conveners and I would welcome your submissions to the 2016 Fall AGU meeting session entitled "From Escape to Subduction: The Tectonics of Indochina".

Session ID#: 13237

Session Description:
The Indochina peninsula offers a unique opportunity for understanding the transition from processes facilitating tectonic escape to those clearly related to subduction. The spatial and temporal evolution of these processes, in the context of India-Asia collision, include continent-continent collision, terrane mobilization and translation, oceanic basin development, and onset of subduction. Active escape of Indochina transitions to oblique subduction along Indo-Burma Arc, distally across the South China Sea, and to frontal subduction along the Luzon Arc. Comprehensive studies of Indochina may lead to a better understanding of the coupling of crustal and mantle deformation as well as the role plate boundaries play in both intra-continental orogenesis and marginal basin development. We invite contributions from different perspectives, including observations and analyses from: seismology (seismicity, seismic imaging, attenuation and anisotropy), tectonics (tectonics, geodesy, geomorphology, stratigraphy, paleomagnetism, petrology, geochronology, geochemistry), fluvial development and dynamics, landscape development, and modelling (numerical and analogue).

On behalf of conveners:
Eric Sandvol, University of Missouri
Ray Russo, University of Florida
Shengji Wang Earth Observatory of Singapore

Abstracts can be submitted at till 23:59 EDT on August 3rd
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