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Brendan Crowell
2016-07-11 15:44:17
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a session entitled “S001: Advances in Earthquake Early Warning Research.”

Here's the official description:

Over the past years Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) efforts have seen an impressive spur of innovation, with new approaches to real-time ground motion prediction being proposed and improvements of established approaches. At the same time, various ongoing research efforts in seismology, tectonics and beyond are relevant for EEW. For this session we invite contributions from a broad range of fields with relevance for real-time ground motion prediction including, but not limited to i) new findings in fundamental earthquake research with relevance for EEW, e.g. related to rupture predictability, rupture termination and space- and time-dependent prior rupture probabilities; ii) new EEW algorithms and updates of existing algorithms with promise for enhanced ground motion prediction accuracy and/or speed, event detection and false alert avoidance; iii) strategies for a meaningful and objective performance evaluation of EEW algorithms in absolute terms, as well as relative to other a!


and a link to submit to the session:

We hope to see you in San Francisco in December.


Men-Andrin Meier, California Institute of Technology
Diego Melgar, University of California-Berkeley
Brendan Crowell, University of Washington


Brendan W. Crowell
Research Scientist
Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
Department of Earth and Space Sciences
University of Washington
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