Thread: 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, Session G001: Borehole Strainmeters: New results, emerging applications, and open data

Started: 2016-07-06 17:36:01
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Dear Colleagues

We would like to draw your attention to a session we have put together for the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting focused on strainmeters.

G001: Borehole strainmeters: New results, emerging applications, and open data
Session Description:
Borehole strainmeters, designed to detect aseismic deformation from tectonic and magmatic processes, are high-resolution sensors that complement GPS in modern geodetic networks. First installed in the 1970s, hundreds of borehole strainmeters now operate in several countries. Public availability of data from the 75 borehole strainmeters of the NSF-funded Plate Boundary Observatory in the western United States is expanding the awareness and use of borehole strain data. The high sensitivity and sample-rates provided by recent-generation strainmeters has made them the ideal instrument for emerging areas of research such as monitoring induced seismicity and earthquake early warning. We encourage submissions from those using borehole strainmeters to study natural or artificial processes, incorporating strainmeter data with other geophysical measurements to model subsurface processes, designing new strainmeters, or archiving and developing strainmeter data products for use by the scientific community.

Primary Convener: Evelyn A Roeloffs, USGS, Vancouver, WA
Co-conveners: Kathleen Hodgkinson, David Mencin and Glen S Mattioli, UNAVCO Inc., Boulder, CO

Thank you
Kathleen Hodgkinson
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