Thread: 2016 AGU Session S013: Imaging the Earth I: Theory and methods at reservoir and local scales

Started: 2016-07-25 18:57:20
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Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to our AGU session *"S013: Imaging
the Earth I: Theory and methods at reservoir and local scales**" (Session
ID#: * *13058)*. Please see below the detailed session description.

Confirmed invited speaker:
Ru-shan Wu (University of California Santa Cruz )

Abstract submission deadline: *3 August, 11:59 P.M. EDT*
Submission website:
Session Description:
This session focuses on new mathematical, computational, and theoretical
breakthroughs in seismic imaging and waveform inversion to address
challenges in inversion and imaging. We welcome topics along but not
limited to the following lines: initial model building, nonlinear and other
novel inversion strategy, inversion of sources, limited data acquisition,
multiples and multiple scattering, role of low frequencies and wavenumber,
and quantifying uncertainties and artifacts in the inversion.
Modeled/synthetic data, blind tests, both successful and unsuccessful
real-data case studies, in exploration and reservoir geophysics and other
related areas are encouraged to submit. This session is complementary to
session Imaging the Earth II: From Data to Processes on regional to global
scales. Together, they are intended to promote communication between
exploration and global seismology.
Primary Convener: *Yingcai Zheng*, University of Houston, Earth and
Atmospherical Sciences Dept, Houston, TX, United States
Conveners: *Tariq Alkhalifah*, King Abdullah University of Science and
Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia and *Min Chen*, Rice University, Houston,
TX, United States
Index Terms:
7215 Earthquake source observations
7260 Theory
7270 Tomography
7290 Computational seismology

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