Thread: 2016 Fall AGU session DI014: Structure, dynamics and evolution of Earth's deep mantle

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Dear all,

We would welcome your abstract submissions to the session “DI014: Structure, dynamics and evolution of Earth's deep mantle” at the AGU Fall Meeting, 12-16th December, 2016. (Session description below.)

Invited Abstracts:
Hanika Rizo, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Sanne Cottaar, University of Cambridge

Submission deadline: 3 August 23:59 EDT.
Please submit your abstracts to

We look forward to seeing you in December!


Bethany Chidester, Maxim Ballmer, Jasper Konter, and James Wookey


Session Description:
The lower mantle is an enigmatic and important region of the Earth, comprising a significant volume of the planet and driving much of the dynamics observed on the surface. For example, the lowermost layer of this region serves as a boundary between the iron-rich core and the silicate mantle. As such, it sets the heat flux out of the core, effectively regulating convection in the greater mantle and the generation of the geodynamo in the core. Additionally, the lower mantle serves as a graveyard for subducted slabs and as a region of plume generation, making its chemistry uncertain and heterogeneous. This session focuses on the dynamics and evolution of this region, including (but not limited to) seismic observations, high-pressure mineralogy and chemistry of relevant materials, dynamic simulations and geochemical models and observations through time.

Session ID: 13531
Primary Section/Focus Group: Studies of Earth's Deep Interior (cross-listed with Mineral and Rock Physics, Seismology and Volcanology, Geochemistry and Petrology)

Session Conveners: Bethany Chidester (University of Chicago), Maxim Ballmer (ETH Zurich), Jasper Konter (University of Hawaii) and James Wookey (University of Bristol)
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