Thread: Fall Meeting 2016: New developments in open source and academic seismic software (S020)

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Dear colleagues,

Since there are only two days left to submit an abstract I think you should
know about great seismic software related session S020: New developments in
open source and academic seismic software.

*Session ID#: *13036
Session Description:
Importance of wide access to open source and free academic software is
indisputable these days. Modern seismic software can be dedicated to single
technique or can allow wide variety of uses, it can be simple and single
threaded or aimed for parallel computation on HPC and/or GPU. Increasingly
the community relies on fast and reliable seismic data transfer protocols
that allow creation of rapid warning systems. The aim of this session is to
gather seismic software authors, developers and users in one place to
promote solutions and to share knowledge and experience. Presentations
aimed at non-seismologists are welcomed, to increase knowledge about
seismic data processing. We also would like to invite presentations about
embedded software solutions. Software presented at this session should be
open source and/or free for academic use.
Primary Convener: *Marcin Polkowski*, University of Warsaw, Institute of
Geophysics, Warsaw, Poland

Conveners: *Mariusz Majdański*, Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of
Sciences, Warsaw, Poland and *Monika Wilde-Piórko*, University of Warsaw,
Faculty of Physics, Warsaw, Poland

Cross-Listed:IN - Earth and Space Science Informatics

Please consider our session when making you final decision.


*Marcin Polkowski*

*Zakład Fizyki Litosfery IGF UW *mobile: +48 607561871
mail: marcin<at>

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