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*Support for CIDER working-groups - deadline August 15, 2016*

Support is available through CIDER FESD grant for ad-hoc multi-disciplinary
"working groups". Such working groups might be needed to develop consensus
on a type of model or a standard (geochemical, seismological or other) to
be used in other disciplines, or evaluation, validation, problem
reconciliation on a variety of multidisciplinary topics relevant to the
CIDER goals.

Travel and subsistence expenses will be provided, as well as publication
costs, as appropriate, for working groups on the basis of 1-2 meetings and
~10-15 participants, for up to $20,000. Members of the community interested
in forming such a group should submit a short description of the
motivations and goals of the working group (2-3 pages) for a one year
period, clearly identifying who will act as coordinator and listing the
names and qualities of those that have agreed to participate.

This document, including a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) and a budget and
budget justification should be submitted to Jie Li (jackieli at umich dot
edu), chair of the CIDER AC, with cc to Barbara Romanowicz (barbara at
seismo dot berkeley dot edu).

The proposals will be reviewed by the CIDER Advisory Committee and the
selections will be made by August 31st, 2016. Because the current CIDER
grant ends in July 2017, the funding is for 11 months with no possibility
for extension. Each funded working group is expected to present the results
of their activities at the annual Pre- or Post-AGU CIDER workshop (the
Sunday before or the Saturday after Fall AGU) following acceptance of their
project, and to submit a report at the end of the project.

Deadline for 2016 second-round proposals: August 15, 2016.

CIDER plans to fund up to three proposals for this round of competition.

Past funded proposed include:


• Reconciling laboratory measurements on the electrical conductivity of
hydrous olivine (Ferriss,

Elizabeth; Naif, Sami; Hauri, Erik)

• Reference Geotherms (Li, Jie)


• Geomagnetic Prediction (Lathrop, Daniel P; Ide, Kayo; Kostelich, Eric)

• Linking Dynamic Topography with the Observational Record (Flowers,
Rebecca; Becker, Thorsten;

Zhong, Shijie)

• The Geological Consequences of Measuring Mantle Radiogenic Heating:
Future Directions for Neutrino

Geosciences (Carlson, Rick; Dye, Steve; Hernlund, John; McDonough, William)


• 3D Reference Earth model (Lekic, Vedran; Romanowicz, Barbara; Dziewonski,
Adam; Ritsema, Jeroen;

Masters, Guy).

• Interpretation of upper mantle attenuation measurements (Wiens, Doug;
Abers, Geoff; Holtzman, Ben;


More details are available at

Thorsten Becker - Jackson School of Geosciences, UT Austin

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