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Abdelkrim Aoudia
2016-08-05 14:10:50
Advanced School on Physics of Volcanoes-
ICTP - Trieste, Italy, 17 - 21 October 2016
Deadline for Application: August 14th 2016

The aim of this school is to focus on the state of the art in the physics of
volcanoes in order to give participants a better understanding of the physical
and tectonic processes related to volcanoes and the associated hazards.
The topics of the school are:

• Physics of magma migration, storage and volcanic unrest
• Magmatic processes within continental and oceanic rift zones
• Volcano seismology and analysis of seismicity to understand distinct
volcanic processes
• Ground deformation and magma movements and eruptions
• Stress field around volcanoes and impact on magma dynamics
• Mechanics of magma reservoirs
• Volcano-earthquake interaction

The topics will be covered using a combination of theoretical, numerical and
experimental approaches. The importance of integrating observations and
field data with theoretical and modeling results will be highlighted.

Paul Segall, Michael Manga, Claude Jaupart, Cynthia Ebinger, Torsten Dahm, Daniele Carbone, Valerio Acocella.

The school is intended for PhD students and postdocs working in these topics.
A limited number of grants are available to support the travel and living expenses of
selected participants, with priority given to PhD students and early career scientists
working in a developing country.
There are no registration fees.

How to apply for Participation:
The on-line application form can be accessed at ICTP activity website:

The organizers:
A. Aoudia (ICTP)
E. Rivalta (GFZ)
M. Guidarelli (OGS)

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