Thread: Adam Dziewonski Memorial Event: November 13, 2016

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Adam Dziewonski Memorial
2016-09-21 11:56:23
Dear Friends of Adam,

As you probably know, Adam Dziewonski passed away on March 1st after a brief battle with cancer. We are holding a memorial event on Sunday November 13, 2016 at Harvard University to honour and celebrate Adam's life and contribution. The details of the event are still being sorted out, but our current plan is to hold a gathering between 13:30 and 17:30 including a reception.

The event is open to everyone, but we ask everyone to register. You can do so online through the memorial webpage.
The deadline for registration is September 30th. We are also soliciting messages and photos (and anything else you'd like to share) - please use the Contributions section of the web site to submit them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through this e-mail address, dziewonski_memorial<at>

We hope to see you in November.

Adam Dziewonski Memorial Event Organizers
Lapo Boschi, George Chou, Colleen Dalton, Göran Ekström, Yu Gu, Miaki Ishii, Bogdan Kustowski, Andrea Morelli, Meredith Nettles, Richard Sailor, Joe Steim, Weijia Su

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